Da Gairdins i Sand, Shetland


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A Visit to Da Gairdins July 2011
A Visit in July 2011

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 Protection of nature

At Da Gairdins we are extremely conscious of the environment of the area and the obligation which we have to protect and enhance everything about the nature of the area for the benefit of future generations. This is why Da Gairdins Environment Company was formed and why it now owns all the land for which we are responsible.

Conservation and enhancement

The area is a haven of wildlife, with many species of nesting and migratory birds, wild flowers and insects.   With the shelterbelts, we have attracted many more birds into the area. Allowing areas of natural meadow to flourish with native wild flowers has created habitats and food for a very wide variety of insects.   With the creation of the ponds we have attracted all sorts of pondlife, including water beetles, leeches, frogs etc., and these in turn attract visiting birds such as herons, ducks, water rail and so on.   The massed plantings of grasses and New Zealand Flax supply food for many varieties of seed-eating birds.

Shetland has a relatively mild maritime climate.
It never gets too hot in the summer, and we rarely get much frost or snow in the winter.  
No place in Shetland is more than 3 miles/5 kilometres from the sea, so there is always the warming influence of the North Atlantic Drift to help us to grow plants which would not survive harsher winters.

Frog in the pond
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