Da Gairdins i Sand, Shetland

Gardens and Woodlands

Overall there are now some seven acres of garden and woodland to explore.They vary from mature shelterbelts of Sitka spruce, with mixed plantings of willows, poplars and many other species, to new flower beds and sheltered areas of rare and unusual plants not to be found elsewhere in Shetland.

Come for a walk - just follow the frog in the two paths:


The Gardens

Over the past nine years, the gardens have evolved from grazed fields of grass and weeds into a haven of horticultural delights. They are centred round three large ponds andextensive lawns, and incorporate many beds of exotic and native plants, huge stands of New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) and Pampas grass (Cortaderia sp.),

Pampas grass

Many species of willow and a large collection of Hebes.

Hebe bed Hidden paths and gullies lead the inquisitive mind into unexpected places and suddenly burst out into wide open panoramas with the sea and the islands as a backdrop.

The Wetland Areas

Incorporated into the gardens are three large ponds and The Loch.
The ponds vary in depth from ½ metre to 1½ metres – the shallowest pond has the most vegetation in it and is a breeding ground for frogs and water insects.
All the wildlife in the ponds has introduced itself – there have been no artificial introductions.

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