Da Gairdins i Sand, Shetland

Shetland – Easy to Reach but Remote Enough to be Different...

As can be seen from the globe, Shetland lies at the centre of a “Scandinavian Wheel”, almost equidistant from the Faroe Islands to the north-west, Bergen in Norway to the east and Aberdeen in Scotland to the south-west.
You can get to Shetland by sea, daily from Aberdeen and twice weekly from Orkney all the year round. www.northlinkferries.co.uk

You can also fly to Shetland (Sumburgh airport) from Aberdeen and Orkney, and from all connecting U.K. airports.

If you come to Shetland by sea, you will arrive in Lerwick. To get to Sand, take the A970 north for approx. 5 miles to its junction with the A971 west. Continue on A971 for approx. 11 miles to Bixter. About 1 mile after Bixter, take B9071 to Reawick. After 3 miles, take road on left marked “Sand”

The Gardens are on your right after about one mile.

If you arrive at Sumburgh by air, take the A970 north for approx. 20 miles. Take B9073 to rejoin A970 and turn right. Continue north on A970 and take A971 west as described above.

Shetland's area is the same as in Faroe Islands - but with just half the population (about 22.000).

The driving time from Lerwick to Sand is 40 min.

Scalloway used to be the capital of Shetland until 1708.

The Shetland flag is a white cross on blue background.

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